Get Ready for a Fun Night at Howl at the Moon Piano Bar

The Howl at the Moon Piano Bar is a terrific place to experience some incredible live musical performances.  Source: Facebook

Enjoying a night out with friends is a great way to end the day. At Howl at the Moon Piano Bar, you can do just that. With live music designed to get you up and dancing, a wide drink selection, and lively atmosphere, Howl at the Moon is much more than just a piano bar in Orlando. Located at 8815 International Drive, they offer daily specials, including … [Read more...]

3 Easy Steps to Make Gravy from Canned Cat Food

Making a gravy from canned cat food can provide your cat with a treat that he will enjoy as a departure from his normal diet routine. Source: morgueFile

Eating the same thing every day can get boring. Switch up meal times by adding in tasty, but still healthy, snacks for your cat. Making a gravy from canned cat food can provide your cat with a treat that he will enjoy as a departure from his normal diet routine. The following recipe is straight-forward, and can take as little as five minutes. To make … [Read more...]

Grab an Authentic New York Slice at NYPD Pizza

NYPD Pizza is one of the tastiest pizzerias found around your Orlando apartment community.  Source: Facebook

A great thing about living in an apartment near a pizza restaurant is you'll never have to travel far for a quick meal. One place near our apartments in Orlando where you can get New York style pizza is NYPD Pizza. You can begin the meal with garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, or homemade meatballs. The menu has a variety of specialty pizzas. The Queens … [Read more...]

3 Great Moves to Get Toned on the Playground

Take advantage of the playground here at your Orlando apartments with these terrific playground workouts.  Source: morgueFile

Getting exercise is important but it can be difficult to fit in between other responsibilities. Here are three exercises you can do on the playground while the kids are having fun. For an upper-body workout, it is no surprise pull-ups are one of the best things to do. Playgrounds often have lots of things with a range of grips and different heights that … [Read more...]

Head Underwater with Below H2O Scuba

The Below H2O Scuba Diving Academy is a terrific resource for anyone who is interested in scuba diving here in Orlando.  Source: Facebook

Your apartment near scuba diving can open up an entirely new world for you to explore. Many people get to see and discover nature's amazing things on land, but not everyone gets that same experience under the surface of the sea. Below H2O Scuba can open up underwater adventures for you. Exploring underwater can offer many different experiences. You can … [Read more...]