Find Fresh Produce from the Orlando Farmer’s Market

The Orlando Farmer's Market is one of the best independent markets found around Orlando.  Source: Facebook

Farmer's Markets are a great way to eat healthy, shop locally and get to know the food producers and crafters in your community. The Orlando Farmer's Market features fresh produce, artwork, and artisanal crafts like jewelry and soap. Besides fresh produce and seasonal vegetables, The Orlando Farmer's Market vendors cook up fresh meals, including gourmet … [Read more...]

See What’s on Exhibit at CityArts Factory

The CityArts Factory is one of the best art galleries found around your Orlando luxury apartments.  Source: Facebook

CityArts Factory is a collection of galleries exhibiting art work from local and international artists. Each gallery features dozens of artists in a variety of media. CityArts Factory is a part of the Downtown Arts District, a non-profit organization committed to bringing recognition and appreciation of art as well as the economic development of Orlando. … [Read more...]

Leave Your Dog in Good Hands at Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care is one of the best pet boarding and walking services found around Orlando. Source: Facebook

Leaving your furry friend with one of the pet sitters in Orlando can allow you to be away from home and know that your pet is still receiving the care he needs. You can make sure that your pet has the opportunity to have fun and be taken care of at Fetch! Pet Care. Fetch! offers programs full of personal attention, safety, and customized services to fit … [Read more...]

Best Tips for Washing Your Comforter

Here are some great "laundry day" tips for everyone here at your Orlando luxury apartment community. Source: EveryStockPhoto

Laundry can pose many challenges from stains to how to wash certain materials and items. One item that can leave you wondering how to wash it is bedding. Here are a few bedding washing tips for the next time you need to get your comforter clean. First, you need to figure out if your comforter is a good fit for your washing machine. You'll need to make … [Read more...]

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Orlando Apt Kitty Proof

Here are some pet-care tips for anyone who recently adopted a kitten or adult cat here at your Orlando luxury apartments. Source: MorgueFile

Keeping your cat safe in your pet friendly Orlando apartment can take some work. Cats are curious and agile, which is a combo that can get them in trouble. Here are some tips to make your home cat-safe. Cats enjoy going on adventures in your home and will explore tables, shelves, and more. You'll need to store your breakable items in areas that your pet … [Read more...]